Black Ice Air Hockey


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    • Black Ice Air Hockey comes with Delivery and Installation , plus we have the Lowest Price Available 

      This stunning new air hockey table has been specially created for the discerning home customer.
      SAM, famous for the very best commercial Air hockey tables, suppliers of air hockey tables for the UK’s national finals and undoubtedly the largest Air Hockey producer in Europe have developed this machine to give the home user the genuine feel and speed of their ever popular commercial models.

      This table has been created in stunning silver alloy veneered plywood cabinet, with matching silver legs and cabinet corners. The bed/play surface is the commercially proven and fastest ever Methacrylite playfield which for style has been made in stunning high tech Black Ice.
    • This super durable, scratch resistant high gloss black looks fantastic in any home and makes the puck stand out, ensuring maximum enjoyment of the game. The Methacrylite bed has the added advantage that the scorer is mounted under the bed, thus displaying the score clearly and removing the need for an overhead gantry or a surface mounted plinth.
    • This keeps the table’s sleek and smooth lines uninterrupted, accentuating its superior styling and cool contemporary looks. The top rail of the table is powder-coated for durability and features SAM’s innovative puck retaining system which ensures the puck stays on the bed rather than flying around the room.With the solid construction, SAM’s unique easy level system for the most accurate level possible, the super fast puck speed, the electronic scorer and sound system, recording goals and overall score plus music and sound effects, you will feel you are playing in your favourite bowling centre.

      The entire table is constructed to the same specification as SAM’s commercial air hockey range, which, as the UK’s best selling commercial air hockey table for over 12 years, has a proven pedigree in the harshest of environments. You will see SAM hockey tables in most bowling operations, airport departure lounges, family entertainment centres, quality arcades, games rooms, even sports bars and nightclubs.

      Key features:

      • Fast, furious, energetic game which provides aerobic exercise and improves coordination
      • Sound effects – Volume adjustable
      • LED display scorer
      • SAM’s EasyLevel – Adjust height and level with a 13mm spanner, no lifting required
      • Marine Ply Cabinet for durability
      • Extruded metal top rail with puck retention system
      • Methacrylite playfield for speed and durability
      • Games can be set to number of goals or number of minutes
      • Push button for game start
      • CE approved
      • 7ft commercial model size and standard height suitable for fully grown adults down to 5 year olds
      • Supplied with genuine SAM fast puck, a SAM slow puck and two SAM bats
      • Easy access via keys to clear any foreign objects which fall into the goalmouth

    Warranty: 6 months

    The Black Ice Air Hockey comes backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee.


    Black Ice
    Overall Size 198 x 124 x 80cm
    Play Surface          186 x 110 cm
    Weight (kg) 215 kg


    Free Accessories:

    • 2 SAM Bats
    • SAM fast puck and SAM slow puck

    Black Ice Air Hockey Availability:

    This table is available with a lead time of 2 to 6 weeks.

    Without installation this table is available for delivery to all States – please call us on  for more information.


    Delivery and Installation:

    Delivery and Installation to a ground floor destination with good access. If you have restricted access, involving steep slopes, flights of stairs etc. please contact us and we will quote you a price


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