Family Guy Pinball Machine



Family Guy Pinball Machine comes with Delivery and Installation, has been restored and is in an excellent condition.

The Family Guy Pinball Machine is manufactured by Stern, masters of the art of pinball machine design and manufacture.

Family Guy follows the life and antics of the dysfunctional Griffin family in their day to day lives. Join the entire Griffin family, and revisit hilarious moments from the show including megalomaniac baby Stewie’s sexy party and the unforgettable ipecac contest. Packed with original speech and gags from the show cast, this is an outragous pinball machine that will leave you laughing long after you hit start.


Key Features:

  • 5 classic Family Guy TV modes: Play through 5 hilariously memorable moments from the hit Family Guy TV show, including Stewie’s sexy party, the ipecac contest and the Giant Chicken fight.
  • Stewie’s Mini Pinball: The game’s main feature is this large mini ‘machine within a machine’. This scaled down pinball playfield features miniature flippers and ball. Complete all shots to begin Stewie Multiball.
  • Beer Can Modes: Strike Brian’s beer can repeatedly to access one of 5 different lightning quick mini-modes.
  • Character Models across the Playfield: Models of the entire Griffin family can be found around the playfield, including Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Brian and of course Stewie.
  • Stunning Original Artwork: Custom artwork from Family Guy’s own art team, as well as renown pinball artists John Youssi and Margaret Hudson.
  • Incredible playfield layout by the renown Pat Lawlor!



Family Guy machine is in an excellent playable condition, and a good cosmetic repair has been done to give it a new and super clean body  and both the exterior and internal cabinet has been replaced with new once. The game also comes with addition LED and sound upgrade.

Some machines we sell are fully restored, where we will fit new decals, new playfields, new parts such as ramps, and even upgrade certain items, such as the sound components. Where this type of reconditioning process has been undertaken we will make it absolutely clear that this is the case and the price will reflect the amount of time taken and costs incurred in this process.

Pinball Table Measurements:

Please ensure you fully check that a pinball of this size will fit into your intended location.

Height: 75 1/2″
Width: 27″
Length: 55″
Weight: 118kg


Coin Mechanism:

We sell our restored, reconditioned and used products to home users; as a result, a functioning coin mechanism is not included, because the machine will be set to freeplay. However, we do offer the option to install a coin mechanism, in case you wish to set your newly purchased pinball up for that traditional feel where you can insert coins, or even charge your friends to play.


Home Use:


This pinball machine comes with a 1 year parts warranty. All parts that are faulty will be replaced. Often we can solve any problems over the phone and supply any necessary components for the customer to fit. If necessary our specialist repairer can visit your home to inspect and repair your machine on-site, but this would be chargeable. Please call us for a call-out quotation. If parts are required which are not carried at the time these will need to be ordered for you, and will sometimes need to be imported from the States – therefore, there can be a wait for the part to arrive. Pinball machine For sale

After our 1 year warranty has expired we will continue to offer you complete support for any problems you have, either over the phone or by email, and can provide a chargeable engineer call out should it be required. Whatever happens, we will be able to look after you and your pinball machine.


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