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The Jurassic Park Premium Pinball Machine by STERN Pinball comes with 1years warranty and we have the lowest price for the Official US version.Run for your lives! STERN Pinball’s takes us back to the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth in 2019’s game Jurassic Park!


This pinball machine has been fully reconditioned to a brilliant condition and has been through a thorough inspection to ensure that it plays perfectly with no errors.


Jurassic Park Premium Pinball Machine by STERN Pinball comes with 1 year warranty and we have the lowest price for the Official US version.

Run for your lives! STERN Pinball’s takes us back to the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth in 2019’s game Jurassic Park!

Note: Playfield images shown are of the LE version of the game. The Premium version does not include the green exterior cabinet trim, or internal cabinet side and rear art.

Relive the chaos and the untamed thrills of the 1993 blockbuster in a completely new way. Dinosaurs have broken free and are running rampant over Isla Nublar! Using your sharpest pinball skills you must round up and recapture the rampaging creatures without becoming lunch yourself. Jurassic Park is Keith Elwin’s second pinball design after the widely acclaimed Iron Maiden. Keith Elwin is currently ranked as one of the greatest pinball players in the world having claimed first place in over 40 tournaments over his time playing pinball. The game also includes a high definition LCD screen to replace the standard dot-matrix display often found on pinball machines.

The Premium version of Jurassic Park includes a whole host of additional features and embellishments to make it one of the greatest movie themed pinball machines of all time. Full RGB LED lighting covers the playfield, allowing any insert to display any colour. There are plenty of additional physical playfield features too. For example, the game’s iconic T-Rex can puck balls up off of the ramp before thrashing and throwing it away to elsewhere on the playfield, a motorised entryway to the Raptor enclosure that can trap balls, and even an animated lunging raptor. Jurassic Park Premium Pinball Machine

Steven Spielberg created a thrilling masterpiece with Jurassic Park in 1993 which won several awards, spawned numerous sequels and built an enormous amount of loving fans that continue to love the film to this day. STERN Pinball’s Jurassic Park is the perfect way to recapture the pulse pounding excitement of every dinosaur breakout, battle and chase.

Jurassic Park Pinball Machine Premium - Playfield

Jurassic Park Premium Pinball Machine is available in three versions – The Pro Edition, the Premium Edition, the Limited Edition model.

Please note that all photos are of an unreleased product, and are subject to final changes before release.


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Stern Jurassic Park Premium Pinball Machine Measurements:

Height: 75 1/2″
Width: 27″
Length: 55″
Weight: 250lbs

Please ensure you fully check that a pinball of this size will fit into your intended location.



Home Use:

This pinball machine comes with a 2 year parts warranty. All parts that are faulty will be replaced. Often we can solve any problems over the phone and supply any necessary components for the customer to fit. If necessary our specialist repairer can visit your home to inspect and repair your machine on-site, but this would be chargeable. Please call us for a call-out quotation. If parts are required which are not carried at the time these will need to be ordered for you, and will sometimes need to be imported from the States – therefore, there can be a wait for the part to arrive.

After our 2 year warranty has expired we will continue to offer you complete support for any problems you have, either over the phone or by email, and can provide a chargeable engineer call out should it be required. Whatever happens, we will be able to look after you and your pinball machine.

Pinball machines are complicated items, which don’t like being moved about, nor do they like the cold or humidity. Therefore, if you chose to move the pinball machine from where we originally installed it, or it is stored in a cold or damp location, our warranty will become null and void. We won’t be able to supply any parts for your machine free of charge if it has been accidentally damaged or you have tampered with it in any way.

Commercial Use:

We offer the same warranty as detailed above for our home customers, but for 30 days.



Jurassic Park Premium is currently available and we are now taking deposits in order to secure orders. Please call us on +1628-225-2444 for more details.

Please note that the price may be subject to change due to currency fluctuations; please call us on +1628-225-2444 for a quote.


Delivery & Installation:

Delivery & Installation is free to most locations within San Francisco.

However for locations further from city, there may be an additional charge depending upon your exact location. Please call our friendly customer service team on +1628-225-2444 for a quote.

Delivery and Installation will be made to the ground floor room of your choice, provided we can park our delivery van near to your property, have easy access and no steps or steep slopes to negotiate.

Important: Please check the measurements for the pinball machine above and ensure it will fit through your doorways. ZumanGames

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